First time buyers concerned about asbestos

With many people now buying their first homes, many may not be aware of asbestos or have asbestos concerns relating to their new homes if they were constructed pre-1999.

An item, such as asbestos, tends to get pushed down the list of priorities when moving into a new home in an older building, as you may believe it is something that has been handled years before you move in after it had been banned in 1999.

Lingering risk

If your property was built after the year 2000 then you will have no worries concerning asbestos-containing materials, however, those properties built before can still have traces of asbestos present.

As asbestos was a chief component in construction before 1999, any building you move into that was built before that time has a very good chance of asbestos products being present in several places within the home. Whilst they may be contained and safe for the time being, any damage or refurbishment to the property runs the risk of asbestos exposure and a multitude of serious health hazards and potentially fatal diseases.

It is important to be aware of asbestos within the property from day one and identify which elements of the building contain it. This asbestos testing should be done with the use of a professional in the field of asbestos services.

Owner information

In most cases the previous owner of the property will make you aware of existing asbestos concerns or any work that has been done to remove or contain the material, however, you should also expect the possibility that they may not have been aware themselves and act accordingly.

If a pre-purchase asbestos survey Manchester has not been undertaken on the property previously, you should contact a specialist to undertake one to determine how much asbestos there is, which kind of asbestos it is, and if it is in a safe condition or if you require asbestos removal Manchester.

Contacting specialists

First-time buyers may be too excited about entering their new homes to realise any risks involved with damaged asbestos, so it is important to be aware before moving in if there are any risks and if any of the material is in poor condition and should under no circumstances attempt to remove the problem themselves.

This task falls into specialist fields and should only be undertaken by trained specialists in asbestos removal South Manchester.

By properly surveying, testing, containing, and potentially removing dangerous asbestos-containing materials within the building, first-time buyers stand to enjoy their new purchases without considerable risk. Contact the team at Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions today for more information and advice.

What our clients have to say…

“Had a survey done. All work and results back before a new week. Very prompt, efficient and quick service. Absolutely recommend this company.”

“Organised, prompt and very easy to deal with.”

Took great care to safely secure and remove the asbestos roof from our property. I’d highly recommend their services to anyone looking for safe asbestos removal!

The reports were delivered on time, were clearly set out and easy to understand. Jim was very pleasant and happy to explain what he was doing as he went along. Would highly recommend.

Jim, of Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions, is the most reliable and professional person that I have ever seen! Superior work and I highly recommend.

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