What is an Asbestos Management Plan?

An asbestos management plan (AMP) is a crucial document that is designed to register and detail how any asbestos within a property is managed and what activities are engaged to ensure safety for people from asbestos exposure.

In the first step, you will need to determine whether or not asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are present. This will require an asbestos survey Manchester to confirm the presence within any pre-2000 property, which will then lead to an AMP being compiled to comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 set out by the HSE.

Completing an AMP isn’t just a one-off procedure. It is something that will need to be constantly managed, monitored and maintained as long as ACMs are present.

What is contained within?

An AMP is designed to be a simple, centrally located document that clearly and concisely details a certain amount of information relating to your asbestos containment.

The management plan highlights the person or persons responsible for the management of asbestos and a register including all relevant details from your asbestos survey including the amount and location of the material.

Details will also be included of ongoing and scheduled works that could potentially disturb your ACMs, as well as a schedule of activities to monitor their condition. Also included will be instructions for people that could disturb the asbestos and the background to decisions outlined within the plan.

Asbestos management plans can be paper-based, but a majority of businesses find it easier to record plans electronically for easier access for all individuals.

Detailed in the AMP will be the duty holder, who is the individual responsible for the upkeep and delivery of an asbestos management plan, and they are typically a property owner or business manager.

For commercial premises built pre-2000, you must check for asbestos-containing materials to comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. Upon discovery of ACMs, the asbestos management plan needs to be documented and acted upon. This goes for all non-domestic properties including factories, offices, shops, hospitals, warehouses, and others.

Schools built before 2000 will probably have ACMs present and the same principles in asbestos management apply. An asbestos management plan for schools should document and be implemented in the same fashion as a commercial plan. The difference being is that a school can add an extra layer of complexity when it comes to responsibilities. The local authority will sometimes fall as the duty holder for a local authority school, whereas a privately run school will have the duty holder fall onto the proprietor or a group of trustees.

How often should it be assessed?

An asbestos management plan need to be kept updated and under review constantly, being updated whenever a re-inspection is performed or when work is carried out around the ACMs or there is an asbestos incident.

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