Brief guidelines for assessing asbestos

When asbestos fibres are inhaled, they damage the respiratory and digestive tract and that can lead to mesothelioma, asbestosis or lung cancer. Even small exposure to asbestos fibres can be extremely detrimental to your health – which is why it was banned from use in 1999 in any area of construction in the UK. For those with older homes or work premises, it is best to learn how to detect asbestos without putting yourself at further risk. An asbestos assessment can then be carried out by a professional.

Get an asbestos survey for your building

Asbestos-containing materials were at their peak of use in construction before the 1980s in areas such as insulation. Buildings constructed before the 1980s have the highest chance of being constructed using the material and have a risk of asbestos degradation.

If your building is pre-2000 construction it is important to do an asbestos check in case any asbestos materials were used in the construction.  Builders were using ‘spare’ pieces of asbestos in buildings up until the late 1990s so an accurate assessment is strongly recommended.

Asbestos can usually be detected in materials such as cement sheets that have provided high heat resistance and durability for roofs, vinyl floor tiling which can commonly be found in bathrooms & kitchens, within many products in boiler / plant areas and all the areas in between.  The list goes on and on, which is the reason for an accurate survey being completed.

Engage with a professional in asbestos surveying who can assess the structure and provide an accurate survey report.  Look for experience over how cheap the asbestos survey Manchester is.

Next steps for a survey

It is not recommended that you handle any asbestos-containing materials yourself as suitable training in the personal risks associated with disturbing asbestos should be obtained.  A simple visual check is not enough and it is recommended that samples need to be tested for asbestos removal Manchester.

Completing a survey and taking samples is a job for professional asbestos services, the only experts certified to safely work around asbestos in both domestic and commercial environments. The areas will be cordoned off where asbestos testing samples are required to be taken, ensuring no people, children or pets are present in the area.

Protective equipment such as masks and protective coveralls are required to prevent any fibres from being inhaled or transported out of the area.

The samples are recorded correctly and then taken to an approved and accredited asbestos testing laboratory to determine the type, condition and location of any potential risks from asbestos-containing materials within the building.


Contact the team at Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions today for asbestos removal south Manchester or an asbestos assessment should you suspect or detect what you believe to be asbestos within your property.

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