How to remove asbestos in your building

If you have recently found asbestos in your home or business property, the most important thing to understand straight away is that you should not attempt to remove this yourself.

It cannot be understated how hazardous this material is not just to yourself, but also to everyone in the vicinity - and can result in asbestos exposure, heavy fines or prison terms if it was to go wrong. The work needs to be undertaken by a licenced professional in asbestos services only.

The first job for the safe management, handling and removal of asbestos-containing materials within the property is an asbestos survey or re-inspection of the known asbestos in the property to give up-to-date information on extents and condition of asbestos in the building.

Asbestos survey

For any size project that requires renovation to a property and then removal of asbestos, a suitable form of asbestos surveying will need to be carried out on the property prior to works commencing. The survey will provide information on the type of asbestos identified, as well the amount, size and condition in its current state.  From this information an assessment of what asbestos needs to be removed or worked upon can then be provided.

Risk assessment

The asbestos report will provide an asbestos risk assessment on the current state of the asbestos installation(s).  The main risks associated with asbestos are when the material is damaged or is disturbed during day-to-day occupancy of the building/ home or during renovations / refurbishments

Attempting to remove the asbestos in your home yourself is not advisable and the works should be completed by competent contractors who complete asbestos removal in south Manchester.

Promoting safety

As all asbestos-containing materials pose the risk of serious illness if improperly handled and released, it comes down to requiring a professional to undertake any asbestos removal in South Manchester.

Certain working practices and regulations will need to be followed strictly when it comes to the containment and removal of asbestos-containing materials. This is not a product that can simply be bagged up and dumped in a skip outside for a regular landfill.

The work took on asbestos removal requires specialist equipment and precaution, from materials to PPE to protect everyone in the vicinity. To be able to determine every risk and measure to effectively and safely complete the job, it takes professional planning by a professional asbestos company.

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