If your property has had no prior management asbestos survey

If you have recently purchased a former council property or older building and are planning to do some extra work on the premises to bring it up to date, you will need to be aware of any previous asbestos management survey undertaken to determine the extent of any asbestos used or contained within the structure and look into getting a refurbishment asbestos survey completed that is tailored to your project.

Present in older buildings

As you may be aware, asbestos-containing materials were typically utilised in the construction of houses before it was fully banned in the UK in 1999, and any work undertaken on these buildings would have required asbestos surveys before any work was to proceed.

Asbestos could be behind the fireplace, window frames, ceiling, flooring, heating systems, loft and behind fitted cupboards / bath panels and you would not be aware of its presence without a survey having been completed.

The likelihood of asbestos-containing materials being present in pre-2000 properties cannot be ignored, as it is estimated that a million domestic properties in the UK are believed to contain the hazardous material that can be easily disturbed and release dangerous particles into the air.

Experienced work required

Experienced asbestos services should always be instructed to inspect the property before any work being undertaken. Known as an asbestos management survey, this survey is a non-intrusive procedure to sample any suspect materials that are collected and sent to a laboratory to undergo analysis, determining, and confirming the presence of asbestos and its type.

If significant works are being planned on a property, then an asbestos refurbishment survey should be commissioned in advance of builders starting on site.  This type of survey can be tailored to the specifics of a refurbishment or demolition of a building (or part demolition) and its purpose is to locate asbestos that may be ‘hidden’ in the structure and that may become disturbed during planned works.

Only with a survey being completed can it be determined what the asbestos type is, the extent and condition of any asbestos within the property is, and whether it presents a significant threat or cause for asbestos removal. The asbestos survey could show that the asbestos contained can be encapsulated and secured in place, which may be a safer requirement for the home.

Failure to adhere to laws surrounding asbestos removal and surveying can result in heavy fines up to prison sentences, so it is not to be ignored how hazardous working with asbestos is - not just to the public, but yourself also.

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