Decontamination works – Distribution and Warehousing

Asbestos removal is not always a straightforward process and occasionally requires additional levels of consideration towards business premises so as not to interrupt operations or pose a significant risk to workers.

Due to the work that is needed to be undertaken in asbestos removal and cleaning, there is a requirement by some clients to have teams working on asbestos during more unsociable hours. In two recent examples of unsociable hours working, the team at Grosvenor were presented with a requirement for flexible working patterns due to the business operations being fully active during the day.

These both required the team to complete work on asbestos removal and cleaning through a night shift pattern.

1. Distribution Centre

Client – National food distribution business

Job Task

For this specific business, the team at Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions – asbestos removal in South Manchester – worked between 2300hrs to 0500hrs to enable a localised clean of asbestos cement debris to be completed during the quiet period.

The work required minimal occupancy of the premises during the process with reduced vehicle numbers visiting the building during the late to early hours. The added risk of working at height meant extra consideration and control of the working conditions and risks associated with them.

All areas were fully cleaned by the team with the removal of cement debris pieces and dust. Following the removal, all surfaces and surrounding areas were fully wiped and vacuumed to ensure the full job had been successful. At the end of the process, all documentation was updated, and the business was issued with clean air test certificates to prove the job had been done successfully.


In completing the removal and cleaning during unsociable hours, the client reduced their asbestos risk at their distribution centre and fully updated their risk register.

2. Warehouse

Client – Kitchen installation warehouse & showroom

Job Task

Safe removal of asbestos cement pieces and dust in a warehouse and above a showroom suspended ceiling. The team at Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions were required to work between 1800 to 0100hrs to ensure the premises had zero occupancy.

Decontamination of asbestos cement debris was the focus from the tops of showroom ceiling tiles, which required levels of controlled and methodical working. Work also involved the safe removal of contaminated and redundant ducting as an aid for follow-on trades works.

During these works, a full vacuum of debris and wipe down of all surfaces was conducted to decontaminate surfaces. Following the successful completion of the job, documentation was compiled, and satisfactory air testing was completed.


Following the work undertaken by Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions, the client had reduced their asbestos risk as far as reasonably practicable to allow follow-on trades to complete safety compliance works within the showroom/warehouse. This included fire alarm upgrades, new lighting, and emergency lighting upgrades.


Working during unsociable hours is very common for the work of asbestos removal within business premises, and the team at Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions work with businesses to find the best possible solution to not affect business operations and safety.

Please feel free to contact Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions if you wish to discuss any asbestos cleaning works within your commercial premises, if you require an asbestos testing service or an asbestos survey. Working together we can find a solution to your asbestos problem.

What our clients have to say…

“Had a survey done. All work and results back before a new week. Very prompt, efficient and quick service. Absolutely recommend this company.”

“Organised, prompt and very easy to deal with.”

Took great care to safely secure and remove the asbestos roof from our property. I’d highly recommend their services to anyone looking for safe asbestos removal!

The reports were delivered on time, were clearly set out and easy to understand. Jim was very pleasant and happy to explain what he was doing as he went along. Would highly recommend.

Jim, of Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions, is the most reliable and professional person that I have ever seen! Superior work and I highly recommend.

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